Transgender Bathrooms. Why the Panic?

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Americans are brought up only to believe what they are taught by their parents, churches and their schools. That does not necessarily make things black and white. Certain social phobia’s have grown out of these teachings with more actual panic than facts. In many countries around the world, transgender bathroom issues wouldn’t even make the news. Take Thailand for instance. In many of the nightclubs in Bangkok, men, women, and transgenders all use the rest room at the same time. Why isn’t there any phobia or panic? Think about it for a second? If you were never taught anything and need to use the restroom, this would all seem pretty normal. People that have preconceived notions about sexual innuendo’s in the rest room are stoking there fears and non-substantiated panic. I personally never had a problem using a bathroom with women and transgenders. Now the guy trying to give the should massage and handing out hot towels while you are trying to take a leak? That is a whole other story. Don’t panic until you know the facts.

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